A Digital Transformation at Wigan Squash Club

14th June 2024

Looking to incorporate more digital solutions at your squash club? This case study explores how Wigan SC’s implementation of SquashLevels has revolutionised its operations and member interactions.


Digital Transformation at Wigan SC


Under the leadership of Club Captain Stuart Waterworth, Club Coach Julian Tomlinson, and Club Chairman Ryan Atherton, Wigan SC has moved towards increased digital integration throughout the club. 

Their key initiatives included:

  • Transitioning from a paper-based ladder system to using the free, digital Box Leagues on SquashLevels
  • Using the SquashLevels levels and club rankings for team and league selections rather than the more traditional captain picks. 
  • Moving away from a tradition ladder ranking system and using the SquashLevels Wigan Club rankings to define player position.
  • Moving to a default position that competitive matches are played for SquashLevels ranking points, further embedding the system into the club’s culture.


Impact on Player Experience


The adoption of SquashLevels at Wigan SC has unified the club’s diverse playing community, which was previously seen as four distinct cohorts (1st and 2nd division players, mid to lower league players, social players and juniors). This seamless integration has led to increased interaction across different cohorts which in turn has fostered a more cohesive club environment. SquashLevels offers a transparent rankings system which allows for fluid and dynamic movement through the rankings.

Advantages of SquashLevels

Enhanced Cohesion and Competition: Due to a clearer rankings system Wigan SC are seeing more interactions between player groups, for example juniors are more likely to play older social members, social members might be tempted to play league, and mid-tier league players are realising they could probably give a Div 2 player a good game.

Ease of Use: Transitioning to the free SquashLevels digital box league was technically simple to do. It was also embraced by our members due to ease of inputting results on mobile devices. 

Transparency in Selections: There is increased transparency in how leagues and teams are selected via SqushLevels. All players are ranked by their level before being split into teams from the top down.

Personal Improvement Tracking: Players have a more objective way to measure their personal improvement in the game, and even players who, perhaps, used to be on the receiving end of regular defeats have the incentive and enjoyment of increasing their level by taking more points off their opponents than expected.


Challenges and Learning Points


As with introducing any new system there was some resistance to change from members. One worry was that you would need to be a paying member of SquashLevels in order to get a level – which is not true, though being a premium member does allow you access to more features across the site. 

The other misconception was surrounding how to give your lower ranked opponent a run around without it effecting your level – and no, you do not need to batter them in order to keep your SquashLevel.

These issues have been, largely, resolved through open communication and clarifying all misconceptions between the players and key Club Committee members such as Stuart Waterworth, Julian Tomlinson and Ryan Atherton. 


Why Your Club Should Consider SquashLevels


The experience of Wigan SC showcases the power of digital tools, such as those provided by SquashLevels, having a positive impact on player experience. Bringing SquashLevels into your club will enhance the experience for your members, and in doing so will increase engagement. Get in touch today to find out more about how SquashLevels can work in your club. 

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