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26th January 2024

SquashLevels is excited to announce a new partnership with Dansk Squash Forbund (DSqF), the governing body for squash in Denmark, launching on 27th January 2024.

This strategic alliance aims to empower squash players within Denmark with SquashLevels unified global rating system, revolutionising the way players connect, compete, and improve. SquashLevels continues to strive to provide Danish players with more insight at their fingertips, making squash more accessible, and enjoyable for all. 

SquashLevels offers free basic membership on registration, with paid premium membership options available with enhanced features. Until 1st July 2024, as a DSqF affiliation benefit, all players who play for an affiliated club, will benefit from SquashLevels VIP membership for six months from date of registration. This will give players access to enhanced SquashLevels features, such as head-to-head analysis, full match history, match review, club rankings and more besides. 

SquashLevels is one of the most advanced rating systems in the world, providing players with an exceptionally accurate assessment of their playing level at any given moment in time, calibrated across diverse regions and countries. As players across Denmark compete in leagues, tournaments, boxes, or even simply playing at their local club, their results will automatically flow into the SquashLevels platform. From here, the SquashLevels unique algorithm will calculate a level for each player based on their opponents’ level, their result including points scores, behavioural modelling and various other factors. SquashLevels rewards a player for performing better than they were expected to based on their Level.

Players in Denmark can view advanced squash data on SquashLevels

Ditte Mikkelsen, Chairwoman says “We are excited to join SquashLevels! We aim to strengthen, develop and expand the Danish squash community, and believe that SquashLevels can play a great role in doing so! Squash is awesome and fun – and we trust SquashLevels to make more people realise that!”

Jethro Binns, Co-CEO, expressed his enthusiasm for the new partnership: “We’re genuinely excited about teaming up with DSqF. This collaboration is not just a great opportunity for SquashLevels to engage with a new community and share our passion for the sport, but also marks a significant step in our ongoing expansion across Europe and the globe. It’s an exciting relationship collaboration and is another step forward as we push towards creating a global ratings system that unites squash players from all corners of the world. We’re thrilled to be enhancing the squash experience in Denmark and are looking forward to seeing how this partnership contributes to our vision of a connected, global squash community”

Over the next 12 months, SquashLevels and DSqF will work together to integrate the platform at the social, grassroots, club, and elite level right around the country, digitally revolutionising the sport for all players. 

Players in Denmark can compare against other players on SquashLevels


SquashLevels is a results-based ranking system. As players compete in their leagues and tournaments, their results automatically flow into SquashLevels from their existing results providers. Their unique algorithm calculates a level for each player based on their opponents’ level, their result including points scores, behavioural modelling and various other factors, making SquashLevels one of the most advanced rating systems of any racket sport in the world.

To register for your free account today visit squashlevels.com

Players in Denmark can follow their friends on SquashLevels


In Denmark, squash was “born” in 1936 by a small group of well-traveled enthusiasts on the top floor of a factory building on Bülowsvej in Frederiksberg.

Later in 1936, the oldest existing courts in Denmark also opened in Nyrupsgade in the courtyard of the then fashionable newly built Vestersøhus. Today, these courts house Denmark’s oldest squash club KSK, which was founded in 1942.

The sport of squash is today a nationwide sport, and the Danish Squash Association is a well-organized member of the Danish Sports Association.

The Danish Squash Association (DSqF) was formed in 1977 and has since been part of the Danish Sports Confederation (DIF). The association has approx. 4,000 members affiliated via their local squash club across the country .

To find out more visit dansksquash.dk

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