SquashLevels Launches in South Africa

2nd August 2023

SquashLevels, the world’s most advanced rating system, is pleased to announce a partnership with Squash South Africa, the governing body for squash in South Africa.

This strategic alliance aims to elevate the competitive landscape within the South African squash community and offer the opportunity for South African players to compare themselves against squash players globally. With the upcoming World Masters in Holland in 2024, SquashLevels partnership with the World Squash Federation (WSF) to deliver the global squash ratings, creates an exciting new opportunity for players playing overseas.

SquashLevels is one of the most advanced rating systems in the world, providing players with an exceptionally accurate assessment of their playing level at any given moment, calibrated across diverse regions and countries. By taking into account opponents’ levels, points scores, and various other factors, SquashLevels generates an accurate assessment of a player’s skill level at any given time, regardless of location.

The introduction of SquashLevels’ South African ratings will complement existing national rankings provided by SportyHQ while fostering engagement and connection among squash players not only within South Africa but also around the world.

Over the next 12 months, SquashLevels and Squash South Africa will work together to integrate the platform at the social, grassroots, club and elite level right around the country, digitally revolutionising the sport for all players.

Squash South Africa’s President Kyle Potgieter is excited to partner with SquashLevels, enabling all players to accurately assess themselves against fellow squash players.

SquashLevels Co-CEO Jethro Binns says, “We are delighted to partner with Squash South Africa, bringing SquashLevels to the country, recognising the potential for our platform to revolutionise the sport. Allowing for players to understand how they measure up against their fellow players globally while also granting access to invaluable data that was previously out of reach for players who were not professional.”

Players within South Africa will be able to sign up to our freemium service, allowing access to their level, national and global ratings, as well as having access to the SquashLevels social network. Premium memberships are available for those who wish to access enhanced features such as the head-to-head analysis tool, in-depth match review, what-if analysis and full match and level history.

About SquashLevels:

SquashLevels is a results-based ranking system. As players compete in their leagues and tournaments, their results automatically flow into SquashLevels from their existing results providers. Their unique algorithm calculates a level for each player based on their opponents’ level, their result including points scores, behavioural modelling and various other factors, making SquashLevels one of the most advanced rating systems racket sports in the world.

To find out more visit squashlevels.com

About Squash South Africa:

Squash South Africa is the mother body of all Squash in South Africa and are always looking for ways to enhance the sport across the board for all players of development, social, juniors, seniors, masters, league, tournaments local and international. Squash SA is affiliated to WSF, SFA, SASCOC, Department of Sport Art and Culture.

To find out more visit squashsa.co.za/

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