SquashLevels to Deliver New Zealand Squash Ratings

31st January 2024

SquashLevels is pleased to announce a partnership with Squash New Zealand Poipātū Aotearoa, introducing our World Squash Federation endorsed global rating system to New Zealand. From the 31st January 2024, the current New Zealand grading points system and calculations will be replaced with the SquashLevels rating system. 

Squash New Zealand Poipātū Aotearoa will keep the format of the grading system the same and all players will continue to have an alphanumeric ‘grade’ from A-F. However, the Level bands associated with these grades will be derived using the SquashLevels algorithm. 

SquashLevels has conducted an extensive mapping process with Squash New Zealand Poipātū Aotearoa, using historic match results going back to 2010 to help inform the SquashLevels algorithm how to most accurately calculate Grade adjustments for New Zealand players. From here we have worked together to determine the SquashLevels levels bands that will be associated with each grade. As SquashLevels has imported historic match results from 2010, and the algorithm is weighted towards more recent results, some players may notice a shift in their initial SquashLevels derived Grade compared to the current points system.  The more dynamic nature of SquashLevels shows a truer representation of each player’s current level.



Over the next 12 months, SquashLevels and Squash New Zealand Poipātū Aotearoa will work together to integrate the platform at the social, grassroots, club and elite level right around the country, digitally revolutionising the sport for all players. 

“We are really pleased to be bringing this world leading technology to New Zealand” said Squash New Zealand Poipātū Aotearoa Chief Executive Martin Dowson.

 “This is one of a raft of positive changes we are implementing to improve player experience and we are excited to see the benefits it’s going to bring to players of all levels, up and down the country.  I would like to thank the team of SquashLevels as they have worked so hard to tailor the system to align to our existing grading”

Jethro Binns, Co-CEO of SquashLevels says “We are very excited to announce our partnership with Squash New Zealand Poipātū Aotearoa. There is rich squash heritage within the country and this collaboration marks a significant step towards a genuine global squash rating system. By integrating SquashLevels’ advanced rating system alongside the established grading system we are setting a new standard in accurately measuring and reflecting player abilities. This move not only enhances the squash experience across New Zealand’s vibrant player base but also contributes to the global squash narrative and the evolution of the sport. We look forward to working together on this partnership to help elevate the game across New Zealand on the world stage.”


Players within New Zealand will be able to view their new Grade by signing up to MySquash from the 31st January 2023.  More squash data can be found on SquashLevels, including level history over time, head-to-head analysis, player comparison, match review, SquashSkills training videos and so much more. Squash New Zealand Poipātū Aotearoa members can register for their free SquashLevels account via a link on the MySquash resources page and enjoy a three month extended trial of our premium Gold memberships. At the end of the trial, if players don’t want to continue with a premium membership, it will revert back to SquashLevels free basic membership plan.

About SquashLevels:

SquashLevels is a results-based ranking system, as players compete in interclub leagues and play in tournaments their results will automatically flow into the SquashLevels platform. From here, the unique algorithm will calculate a Level for each player based on their opponent’s Level, the game and points score of the match, behavioural modelling and various other factors. SquashLevels rewards a player for performing better than the algorithm expected them to, thus you can increase your Level even if you don’t win the match.

To find out more visit squashlevels.com

About Squash New Zealand Poipātū Aotearoa

Squash New Zealand Poipātū Aotearoa is the national governing body for squash in New Zealand. It is estimated that more than 90,000 people in New Zealand play or try squash each year in more than 200 clubs and other facilities with squash courts around the country. At the heart of everything we do together is our unrelenting drive to get more people on court more often, to succeed on the world stage and to help squash communities thrive.

To find out more visit squashnz.co.nz/

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