Updates to the SquashLevels Algorithm

24th September 2023

The SquashLevels algorithm has recently been updated and some important changes have been made following feedback from our player community.

Our algorithm has always aimed to encourage fair and enjoyable matches by allowing stronger players to compete against weaker opponents without adversely affecting their SquashLevel. The feedback we have received has highlighted some cases that weren’t fully covered by our algorithm which we have now investigated.

One common theme has been instances where significantly stronger players find themselves playing against opponents with considerably lower levels. This has sometimes deterred better players from participating in box matches, as they perceive it could potentially impact their level unfairly, especially given that box matches are often viewed as less serious than league or tournament matches.

We identified a particular issue with extreme cases, such as matchups between players with vastly different levels, like a level 2000 player against a level 50 player, which our algorithm was not adequately addressing.

The Key Changes that have been Implemented

Listening to your feedback, we’ve taken steps to address these concerns. Here are the key changes we’ve implemented:

1. Expanded Tolerance: We’ve widened the range within which a stronger player can play at a lower level without significant impact. This means that most cases should now be covered, allowing better players more flexibility in their matchups.

2. Player Mismatches: We’ve introduced a ‘sigmoid fade’ mechanism that adjusts level changes as the gap between players’ levels increases. This adjustment takes effect earlier in box matches compared to league and tournament matches.

3. Minimal Impact: For significantly mismatched players, the outcome of a match will no longer have any effect on their squash level. This ensures that your level remains stable regardless of the result in these extreme circumstances.

What these changes mean for your squash level

As a result of these changes, you may notice some adjustments to your squash level:

  • If you are one of the stronger players who have been playing down, your level may have increased slightly.
  • For those who have been increasing their level by consistently winning against weaker opponents, you may see a reduction in that level increase. We want to encourage fair and competitive play.

In most cases, any changes to your level should be minimal. Our goal is to enhance the overall playing experience for everyone.

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