What is a Box League?

19th June 2024

If you’re part of a squash club, you’ve probably heard of box leagues. But what exactly are they, and why should your club consider organising one? Let’s dive into what a box league is and explore the many benefits it brings to both clubs and players.

What is a Box League?

Box leagues are internal squash competitions that provide structured, regular matches for club members.

Players are grouped into ‘boxes’ or divisions based on their skill levels. Over a set period, usually a month, each player competes against every other player in their box. At the end of this period, players are promoted or relegated based on their performance, ensuring they always play against similarly skilled opponents.

How Does a Box League Work?

  1. Formation of Boxes: Players are divided into boxes of 4-6 players based on their skill level.
  2. Match Scheduling: Each player arranges matches with the other players in their box. Flexibility in scheduling allows players to fit matches into their own timetables.
  3. Scoring and Ranking: Players earn points based on match results. Points are typically awarded for wins, with additional points for games won.
  4. Promotion and Relegation: At the end of the period, the top players in each box are promoted to a higher box, and the bottom players are relegated to a lower box. This system keeps the competition balanced and engaging.

Benefits of a Box League for Clubs

Increased Member Engagement

Box leagues encourage regular participation by providing structured and competitive play. Members are more likely to stay active and engaged when they have consistent matches to look forward to.

Enhanced Club Community

By bringing members together in regular competition, box leagues foster a sense of community and camaraderie. Members get to know each other better, creating a more cohesive club environment.

Improved Club Atmosphere

Regular matches and a bustling club environment create a lively and vibrant atmosphere, making the club a more attractive place for both current and prospective members.

Benefits for Players

Skill Development

Playing against a variety of opponents helps players improve their skills and adapt to different playing styles. The promotion and relegation system ensures that players are constantly challenged at their appropriate level.

Increased Competition

Box leagues provide a competitive environment that motivates players to improve and achieve better results. The regular competition helps maintain a high standard of play.

More Games

With a box league, players are guaranteed a set number of matches each period, ensuring they get ample game time and value from their club membership.



Q: How are players grouped into boxes?

A: In SquashLevel boxes players are typically grouped based on their SquashLevel.

Q: How often do box leagues run?

A: Most box leagues operate on a monthly cycle, but this can vary depending on the club’s preferences.

Q: What if I can’t play all my matches in the given period?

A: Flexibility is built into box leagues. If you’re unable to play all your matches, communicate with the league organiser. Some clubs may allow for extensions or rescheduling.

Q: Do I need to be a high-level player to join a box league?

A: Not at all! Box leagues are designed for all skill levels. The promotion and relegation system ensures you’re matched with players of similar ability.

Q: How do I join a box league?

A: Speak to your club’s organiser or league coordinator. They will provide you with details on how to sign up and participate. If you’re looking to move your box league to a digital solution get in touch and we can help you set up free boxes.

Encouraging your club to sign up for an internal box league can significantly enhance the squash experience for everyone involved. It offers structured, competitive play that benefits both the club and its members, fostering a more engaging and dynamic squash community.

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