Bristol v Rhiwbina: Using SquashLevels as a Tournament Tool

11th August 2023

Early in July saw the first squash social between squash players from Bristol and Rhiwbina – using SquashLevels to ensure that players were evenly matched allowing for good matches to be had by all.

The Prelude: Assembling the Squash Teams

Starting with a team of twelve players from Bristol, with levels ranging from 500 to 5000, the player list with their respective levels was sent to the Rhiwbina club allowing for players within a similar level range to step forward to play.

Mapping the Match-Ups: The Role of SquashLevels

By using SquashLevels to pair up players ensured that each player played an opponent of similar skill levels, ensuring that all matches were competitive and enjoyable for everyone involved.

The Day of Fun and Competition

As the Saturday afternoon rolled around, excitement filled the air at the Rhiwbina club. 

Throughout the day, the matches were played with intensity and determination. Every player gave their all, showcasing impressive shots, swift movements, and strategic gameplay. 

The Results: A Great Success!

As the last matches concluded, it was clear that the tournament had been a success for both clubs, with a level playing field each match was closely contested and enjoyable for all.

The success of this social tournament was attributed to the meticulous organisation and the use of SquashLevels, which facilitated fair and balanced match-ups. 

Events like this showcase the power of technology in promoting sportsmanship and building connections among players from different clubs and regions. Whether you’re a seasoned squash player or a newcomer to the sport, social events like these offer an excellent opportunity to challenge yourself, meet new people, and create lasting memories. So, if you’re a squash enthusiast looking to organise a tournament or simply seeking new opponents to play against, why not get in touch with to see about using SquashLevels for your next event.

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