Dunlop Pontefract Gold: SquashLevels Analysis

14th December 2023

The Dunlop Pontefract Gold, the first Junior Gold tournament of the new season, took place  over the weekend of 8th to 10th December at two venues – Pontefract and Chapel Allerton clubs. With 223 juniors registered to take part over multiple age categories (Mixed under 9’s plus boys and girls under 11, 13, 15, 17 and 19’s) there was a wealth of up-and-coming squash talent taking to the courts, with 638 matches played in total.

photo credit: Steve Cubbins

SquashLevels has taken the data from the tournament and analysed the most improved players, by the largest percentage level increase, across the tournament, as well as the games which had the biggest impact on player’s levels.

What are Levels?

SquashLevels uses a bespoke algorithm to assess each player’s current playing level based on their results and their opponents.

It focuses on how well they are playing rather than how many rounds they have progressed through. The ratings are updated match-by-match and they give great insight into how ‘in-form’ the players are right now.

Top 20 Movers across the Dunlop Pontefract Gold:

This table shows the players who had the highest Level increase over the course of the event, their SquashLevels rating before and after the tournament.

Player Initial Level Final Level Percentage Increase Age Category
Ethan Edwards 69 108 56.52% U9
Emma Little 149 213 42.95% U13
Elvis Yu 64 85 32.81% U9
Taohai Khan 187 239 27.81% U13
Omar Sherif 1965 2511 27.79% U15
Sienna Hampshaw 538 686 27.51% U13
Jessica Craig-Gould 44 56 27.27% U11
Isaac Smith 96 122 27.08% U9
Ahmed Eldaly 488 620 27.05% U13
Noah Selby 623 789 26.65% U11
Bram Willstrop 49 62 26.53% U9
Evie Hennings 50 63 26.00% U9
Sophie Vail 1010 1271 25.84% U15
Vinny Knaggs 1953 2448 25.35% U15
Abigail Zeng 146 183 25.34% U9
Gabriel Cannistraci 202 253 25.25% U9
Bowie Bates 151 189 25.17% U13
Ted King 350 438 25.14% U13
Thomas Naylor 323 404 25.08% U13
Olivia Owens 3251 4064 25.01% U19


photo credit: Steve Cubbins

Event Winners

Congratulations to the winners in each category. This table shows their level change over the event.

Player Starting Level Final Level Percentage Increase Age Category
Gabriel Cannistraci 202 253 25.25% U9 Mixed
Noah Selby 623 767 23.11% U11 Boys
Alexander Koa-Wing 1637 2046 24.98% U13 Boys
Gabriel Chak 10575 11155 5.48% U15 Boys
Chester Dockray 11011 13317 20.94% U17 Boys
Dylan Roberts 14347 16026 11.70% U19 Boys
Eleanor Everington-Hunt 289 351 21.45% U11 Girls
Esther Chak 2040 2119 3.87% U13 Girls
Harriet Broadbridge 3620 4384 21.10% U15 Girls
Wai lynn au yeong 3886 4450 14.51% U19 Girls


Congratulations to all the winners and competitors – don’t forget to register for SquashLevels to track your progress going forward…

What is SquashLevels?

SquashLevels is a results-based ranking system. As players compete in their leagues and tournaments, their results automatically flow into SquashLevels from their results providers. From here, SquashLevels’ unique algorithm will calculate a Level for each player based on their opponents’ Level, their result including points scores, behavioural modelling and various other factors. SquashLevels rewards a player for performing better than they were expected to based on their Level. 


photo credit: Steve Cubbins

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