Growing the Game in Aberystwyth

24th April 2024

Squash is on the rise at Plascrug Leisure Centre in Aberystwyth with more and more players taking to the courts thanks to the new internal box leagues set up by Coach Damian Burgess.

We all know about closures up and down the country of squash courts, so their inclusion is becoming less common, but with more court usage and more revenue it makes it harder to warrant closing the courts, which is where building a community becomes integral in the growth of the game, alongside the obvious competitive element of the sport. Plascrug Leisure Centre in Aberystwyth on the West Coast of Wales is no different to many other leisure centres across the UK, a swimming pool, a gym, multiple fitness classes and squash courts. Knowing the importance of building up the sport and community, Damian recently set up the OrangeSquash Aberystwyth League using SquashLevels free boxes.

OrangeSquash League at Aberystwyth

The leagues at Aberystwyth have run on and off for years using a traditional box system, run on an excel spread sheet and updated monthly, players would input their scores on the notice board and would change leagues each month depending on where they finished. A manual process that required players to input scores in the club and for volunteers to calculate the movements each month.

Since implementing SquashLevels free digital boxes in Aberystwyth the leagues have grown from 15 players to 35 players with over 30 matches being played each month. The leagues are accessible both online and at the club on the notice board, and the processing at the end of the month automatically moves players into their new boxes and having the next months boxes ready to go in a matter of minutes, saving volunteer time!

The SquashLevels Community

Without the benefit of a bar area at the leisure centre, where new players can meet old players and talk all things squash, the SquashLevels online community has allowed for players to be able to put a face to the name and to easily get in touch to arrange box games. SquashLevels gives the perfect mix of community and competitiveness that has allowed Aberystwyth Squash Club to promote the sport not only to current players but also brand-new players to the game.



The Levels

Using the SquashLevels free boxes means that every player who plays within the boxes will register on SquashLevels, and in doing so will obtain their own level and ranking adding a competitive element to the leagues.

Players, once they have enough matches on the system, can see their level, how it matches up to fellow club members but also how it matches up with other clubs around Wales and beyond. Aberystwyth Squash Club has seen more and more league players take up lessons with their coaches in order to improve their game and in turn their level. Payers are also playing more squash by arranging matches outside of box leagues with other players from the club who are at a similar level, knowing they will get a good game.

The Future

Aberystwyth Squash Club continues to grow and expand their box leagues, with a new women’s league and junior league, with future plans to expand in the coming months by hosting club competitions and graded events all using Squash Levels.


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