SquashLevels and England Squash team up to go paper-free in ‘23

15th March 2023

SquashLevels, the world-leading global squash ratings system, is teaming up with England Squash to encourage clubs to adopt digital box leagues and ladders and do away with non-environmentally friendly pen and paper solutions in 2023. 

A staple of the squash community, box leagues and ladders provide a fun and competitive way for players to engage with other people at their local club. However, many of these leagues and ladders are still being run using pen and paper, making them hard to manage and bad for the environment.

SquashLevels, in partnership with England Squash, aims to change that by encouraging clubs to adopt digital solutions that connect to the SquashLevels platform that offer a variety of benefits over traditional methods, including:

  • An environmentally-friendly approach, with no need for paper or other physical materials
  • Quick, easy, and efficient for admins to set up and maintain
  • Connection with SquashLevels to track player progress and performance over time
  • Easy for players of all ages and abilities to use and participate
  • Increased engagement and court usage when boxes are connected to SquashLevels

The partnership is expected to bring an increased level of engagement to club communities and will also provide support for clubs and players to organise their box leagues more efficiently.

There are a number of brilliant free and paid online box league and ladder solutions for clubs that connect to SquashLevels meaning that there’s plenty of choice and that means finding the right digital solution is easy.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with England Squash to encourage clubs to adopt online box league and ladder solutions,” said Richard Bickers, Co-CEO of SquashLevels. “Box leagues and ladders have been a fundamental part of the squash community for many years and by using existing online technology it will be so much easier for clubs to run them and encourage their players to participate while also addressing the need for more sustainable practices.”

England Squash CEO, Mark Williams added “We are pleased to be working with SquashLevels to bring innovation and sustainability to the box league experience. It is important that taking part in squash is made as easy as possible and that people have a positive experience at every level. We believe the transition to digital solutions will help make squash more accessible and have a positive impact for the squash community”

The box league and ladder digital initiative launched in February 2023, with England Squash and SquashLevels encouraging squash clubs across the country to adopt a digital solution that connects with the SquashLevels platform.

A full list of box and ladder solutions can be found here including details of SquashLevels own box league solution.

If you’re interested in transitioning to a paper-free, environmentally-friendly box league system, you can contact Jackie to find out more.

Online box league and ladder providers

Visit this page to find the full list of providers who connect to SquashLevels.

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