PSA World Championships 2023/24: SquashLevels Analysis

21st May 2024

With Diego Elias becoming the first South American to win the CIB PSA World Championships, after downing Mostafa Asal in straight games, and Nouran Gohar claiming her first-ever CIB PSA World Championships title defeating defending champion Nour El Sherbini, but what about the rest of the players? SquashLevels has run the analysis assessing the biggest jumps in level across the tournament.

Biggest Level Changes

Diego Elias

Not only did Elias win the tournament, his level also increased by a massive 15.29%. Shooting him to #1 in the SquashLevels rankings; will we have a new World No. 1 soon?

Lucas Serme

UNSQUASHABLE player Serme had an incredible tournament, claiming victory against Gregoire Marche in Round 1, before losing out on a place in the third round thanks to Mazen Hesham. His level increase an incredible 8.76% taking him to 31,612.

Fayrouz Aboelkheir

The young Egyptian reached the quarter finals, before losing out on a place in the semis thanks to Olivia Weaver (who is now at all time ranking high), in her time at the tournament she increased her level by an impressive 8.51% taking her to 12,077 and #16 in the SquashLevels ratings.

Up and coming players

We looked at the youngest players in the tournament to see who had the biggest level increase, and who are the ones to watch in the upcoming 2024/25 season.

Fayrouz Aboelkheir

Not only is she the third highest level increase across the entire tournament, Aboelkheir heads up our younger section as most improved. The Egyptian teenager is one to watch.

Simon Herbert

The young 22 year old American saw his level jump up 6.37% to 32,280 across the tournament. This places him at the 6th biggest level increase on a whole, as well as the second most improved youngster.

Torrie Malik

Englishwoman Malik has had an amazing season, her star continues to shine, with another massive level increase of 4.35% taking her to an all-time high level of 10,183.

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