SquashLevels Launches in Singapore

10th July 2023

SquashLevels, the world’s most advanced rating system, is excited to announce a new partnership with Singapore Squash, the governing body for squash in Singapore. This strategic collaboration aims to revolutionise player development and enhance the competitive landscape within Singapore’s squash community.

With SquashLevels partnership with the World Squash Federation (WSF) to deliver the global squash ratings, the partnership between Singapore Squash and SquashLevels marks an exciting chapter for squash enthusiasts in Singapore.

SquashLevels gives an incredibly accurate picture of a player’s playing level at any given point in time, calibrated across different regions and countries. The SquashLevels Singapore ratings will complement existing national and international rankings, while also engaging and connecting squash players across Singapore, and the rest of the world.

Over the next 12 months, SquashLevels and Singapore Squash will work together to integrate the platform at the social, grassroots, club, and elite level right around the country, digitally revolutionising the sport for all players. 

Alex Wan, General Manager of Singapore Squash Rackets Association says, “Singapore Squash is delighted to partner with Squash Levels, and look forward to using the platform as a means to run many of our local events. We have already started piloting the platform on some and have received positive feedback from our community.

The Singapore squash community is excited to see how they measure up against fellow players, from their friends right up to the world’s best. With the World Squash Federation and many squash nations joining the bandwagon, we hope to see Squash Levels develop into the most comprehensive database of squash results globally”

SquashLevels co-CEO Jethro Binns says,”SquashLevels is thrilled to forge a partnership with Singapore Squash, recognising the tremendous potential for our platform to revolutionise the sport for players. This partnership opens up exciting avenues for Singapore Squash to engage with players meaningfully, while granting them unparalleled access to invaluable data that was previously out of reach for players of all levels.”

SquashLevels is the most advanced rating system in the world. Originally implemented and tested in the UK, using player feedback and behavioural modelling collected and refined over the last 10 years. SquashLevels gives an incredibly accurate picture of a player’s playing level at any given point in time, calibrated across different regions and countries.


About SquashLevels:

SquashLevels is a results-based ranking system. As players compete in their leagues and tournaments, their results automatically flow into SquashLevels from their existing results providers. Their unique algorithm calculates a level for each player based on their opponents’ level, their result including points scores, behavioural modelling and various other factors, making SquashLevels one of the most advanced rating systems of any racket sport in the world.

To find out more visit squashlevels.com

About Singapore Squash:

The Singapore Squash Rackets Association (SSRA) is the governing body for Squash in Singapore and was founded in 1970. SSRA is a National Sports Association affiliated to the Singapore National Olympic Council, under the auspices of Sport Singapore and the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth.

To find out more visit sgsquash.com

Media contact:

Singapore Squash:  Alex Wan alex@sgsquash.com

SquashLevels: Jaclyn Kemp jaclyn@squashlevels.com

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