SquashLevels launches in the Netherlands

3rd October 2022

The world’s most advanced squash rating system, SquashLevels, has teamed up with Squash Bond Nederland to implement the SquashLevels platform across the Netherlands.

The SquashLevels rating system can be described as a cross between the golf handicap system and popular multi-sport tracking and performance app, Strava. 

The recent partnership with the World Squash Federation sees SquashLevels delivering the World Squash Ratings, a unified ratings system for all players at every level. The ratings will complement existing national and international rankings, while also engaging and connecting squash players across the Netherlands, and the rest of the world.

Rogier van Veen, responsible for the innovation section of Squash Bond Nederland, is pleased with the partnership with SquashLevels as their official rankings and ratings supplier per January 2023: “Over the recent years, we evaluated our current systems in a broader perspective. One of the primary desires of Dutch Squash players was to have a more interactive rating for men and women based on the current form. Due to the international developments and the shared ambitions of both parties, we could leapfrog to a state-of-the-art system connected to multiple tools. The new rating system will be one of the main assets of SBN to connect players and enhance the joy of playing squash.”  

L-R Tom Lucas, Jethro Binns, Rogier van Veen

SquashLevels Chief Strategic Officer  Jethro Binns said: “We are delighted to partner with Squash Bond Nederland, as we see SquashLevels becoming an enormously powerful tool for players, federations and organisations around the world. It’s been our belief for some time that the sport needs a unified method of rating players of all levels, and our system works in partnership with existing results providers to do just that. We are excited about the new opportunities that Squash Bond Nederland will have to communicate with players in a meaningful way, whilst providing unique insights and access to data that has previously been unavailable to players of all levels”

SquashLevels is the most advanced rating system in the world. Originally implemented and tested in the UK, using player feedback and behavioural modelling collected and refined over the last 10 years. SquashLevels gives an incredibly accurate picture of a player’s playing level at any given point in time, calibrated across different regions and countries.

Over the next 12 months, SquashLevels and Squash Bond Nederland will work together to integrate the platform at the social, grassroots, club, and elite level right around the country, digitally revolutionising the sport for all players. From October 1st, all members of Squash Bond Nederland will have access to a new platform specially designed for Dutch players to see their initial Dutch Grading based on the current 1 to 9 system. From October 1st till January 1st (2023), the existing rankings of sbn.toernooi.nl will remain in place to participate in tournaments and competitions. In the meantime, the gradings of SquashLevels will give Dutch Squash Players appropriate time to adapt to the new system. From 2023 all official rankings and ratings for SBN members will be visible in their accounts on all platforms.

The three-month adoption time is introduced because of the significant change in the gradings of players, the system as itself, and the advanced algorithms behind the system. Click on this link for more information about the Dutch Gradings as well as the Global Rating System.

Dutch squash players can create their free account on SquashLevels today, and get started by checking their level and looking up their match history.

About Squash Bond Nederland:

Squash Bond Nederland (SBN) is the National Governing Body for the Dutch squash ecosystem. It focuses on developing squash inside The Netherlands among clubs and players on all levels. SBN organises leagues and tournaments and intends to be hyper-relevant to all of its stakeholders through new digital platforms.

To find out more visit squash.nl

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