Unleash Your Squash Potential with SquashLevels: The Ultimate Performance Tracking Tool!

7th August 2023

Have you ever wished for a data-driven approach to enhance your squash skills? Are you looking for actionable insights, performance breakdowns, or just a fun way to compare your level with friends or even the pros on the PSA World Tour? Look no further, as we introduce SquashLevels.

What Makes SquashLevels the Go-to Platform for Squash Players?

For both amateurs just starting out and seasoned players, understanding your performance can be a game-changer. This isn’t about mere tips or subjective feedback; this is about solid, actionable data that can propel your squash game to new heights.

How Does SquashLevels Work?

At its core, SquashLevels assigns a unique “level” to each player. Think of this as your squash DNA – it gives a hint of how you’d perform against players of various other levels. This data-driven approach helps predict match outcomes, and over time, as you progress and your data adjusts, you get a clear picture of your growth trajectory in the sport. Plus, the integration of a super-smart algorithm ensures that the performance levels remain relative and accurate.

Track, Analyse and Improve

With SquashLevels, you’re not just getting raw data. You’re diving into a vast pool of insights:

  • Match Histories: Review your past games and identify patterns.
  • Expected Match Results: Understand probable outcomes and work on strategies.
  • Skill-Testing: Partnering with SquashSkills, you can now test various aspects of your game.
  • PSA Player Comparisons: Ever wondered how you’d fare against the world’s best? Find out (and maybe get a dose of humility in the process)!

Stay Connected with the Squash Community

SquashLevels isn’t just about individual improvement. The platform’s community feed allows you to track friends, favourite players, and stay updated with the latest squash happenings. Plus, our collaboration with the PSA World Tour ensures you’re always in the loop with the top professionals’ ratings.

Why Upgrade to SquashLevels’ Paid Membership?

While our platform offers fantastic features for all, serious enthusiasts might find the paid version irresistibly tempting. Get full match histories, in-depth analysis, player comparisons, skill tests, and an enriching connection with the professional world. And, for members of certain national federations, you’ve got some exclusive perks lined up!


In today’s digital age, why should squash stay behind? With SquashLevels, embrace a new era of playing, learning, and evolving. Dive into data, gain insights, challenge yourself, and watch as your squash game transforms like never before!

Are you ready to redefine your squash journey? Dive into SquashLevels and discover a world of potential waiting for you. Because in squash, as in life, growth is driven by understanding. And SquashLevels is here to provide just that.


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