Unleashing Potential: How SquashLevels Club Community Features Can Transform Your Squash Club

3rd May 2024

At the heart of every squash club is the players, from competitive league participants to social hitters. This community is what makes squash clubs thrive. Read on to find out how SquashLevels club community features can transform your squash club.

What if there was a way to harness this community spirit digitally, enhancing engagement and participation across all levels of play? Helping to grow both the sport and your club? SquashLevels offers just that—a suite of innovative features designed to foster a dynamic club environment, driven by data and community interaction.

The Heart of Interaction: SquashLevels Club Community

At its core, the SquashLevels club community feature acts as a digital hub for your club. It’s more than just a leaderboard; it’s a comprehensive digital touchpoint that enhances the way members interact with each other and with the club itself. 

Here’s how it can benefit your club:

Social Interaction:

Acting as a digital noticeboard you are able to update your players of upcoming events, challenges and socials going on at your club to old and new players alike. This coupled with the ability to comment, and like updates within the community enhances the social interaction among members, keeping the conversation going beyond court walls and encouraging a more engaged community.

Real-Time Engagement:

With features like live match results, the community becomes the go-to place for checking up-to-date inter-club and league match outcomes. Imagine the buzz during club nights as players check their phones for the latest updates, celebrating victories or analysing performances.

Accurate Club Rankings:

One of the world’s most accurate ranking system leaves no room for debate over team orders or tournament seedings. This transparency helps in maintaining a fair play environment and assists in tournament preparations without any hassle.

Recognition and Motivation:

‘Player of the Month’ is a monthly recognition for the most improved player within the club, motivating players to “level up” their game. The best part is that this is up for grabs for anyone, not just the players who always seem to win, making this an inclusive way to encourage effort and celebrate achievements.


SquashLevels offers free digital boxes to anyone within the platform. Many squash clubs have had great success in more than doubling their box league players using a combination of club community spirit and the digital boxes to do so.

Challenge Leaderboards:

Partnering with SquashSkills, SquashLevels has a set of 10 squash drills to help you improve your game. This enables clubs to be able to host monthly challenge leaderboards. These can include skills challenges or fitness drills, allowing members to compete in a friendly manner while improving their game.

Enhanced Sponsor Visibility:

The club community can also provide a platform for sponsors, giving them direct visibility within your squash club’s community. This not only adds value for sponsors but also enhances the club’s ability to fundraise and invest in its facilities or events.

Be a Showcase Club

As part of our mission to revolutionise squash clubs globally, we are looking for volunteer clubs to showcase these innovative community features. Ideal clubs should have:

  • An active membership base
  • Existing channels of player interaction, which can be transitioned to the SquashLevels platform
  • A commitment to enhancing player engagement and community spirit

Participating clubs will not only benefit from the full suite of SquashLevels features, as well as a dedicated SquashLevels resource to help you post those important updates out.

Why Volunteer?

Volunteering your club for this initiative puts you at the forefront of the squash community development, utilising technology to drive growth and engagement. It’s an opportunity to attract more members, increase activity on and off the courts, and keep everyone connected in an ever-evolving digital world.

SquashLevels is committed to providing continuous support and visibility, ensuring that your club maximises the benefits of these community features. By being a part of this initiative, you help set the standard for what a squash club community can achieve with the right tools.

Intrigued? Ready to elevate your club’s community experience? Contact us to learn more about becoming a showcase club. Let’s make your squash club not just a place to play, but a thriving community hub. Together, we can reshape the future of squash club engagement.

Contact SquashLevels to explore this opportunity further. Let’s bring your club into the digital age and watch as it transforms into a vibrant, engaging community powerhouse.

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