NSW Country Junior Championships 2023: SquashLevels Report

16th November 2023

The NSW Country Junior Championships 2023 is a 2 day SILVER event and part of the Squash Australian Junior Squash Tour, this SquashLevels Report analyses the most improved performances across the tournament.

With 45 players taking part, across 8 age categories including U19, U17, U15, U13 and U11 Boys alongside U17, U13 and U11 Girls, a total of 93 matches were played across both days.

Top 20 Movers:

This table shows the players who had the highest level increase over the course of the event:

Age Category Name Start Level End Level % Change
U9 Lucas Jones 89 125 40.4%
U9 Braxton Moncrieff 86 114 32.5%
U13 Cleo Poulava 253 297 17.3%
U11 Nirav Dheerajkumar 206 238 15.5%
U17 Jade Reynolds 635 719 13.2%
U15 Max Jones 1138 1283 12.7%
U15 Jayden Sparks 971 1065 9.6%
U17 Liam Saunders 662 724 9.3%
U9 Oscar Clark 211 231 9.4%
U15 Eden-Alma Poulava 682 740 8.5%
U13 Jaida Wigley 231 250 8.2%
U13 Palash Gupta 113 125 10.6%
U13 Conner Moriarty 567 624 10.0%
U15 Emilia Scott 910 962 5.7%
U15 Henry Kross 4723 4946 4.7%
U19 Xavier Brigden 2115 2211 4.5%
U17 Alex McFarland 1973 2056 4.2%
U15 Dylan Wigley 685 713 4.0%
U17 Denver Field 2659 2746 3.2%
U15 Josh Markham 1908 1942 1.7%
U17: 🥇 Amelia Brigden 🥈 Maeghan Wang. Photo by Squash NSW

Event Winners:

Congratulations to the winners in each category. This table shows their start level, end level and level change from the event:

Category Winner Start Level End Level % Change
U19 Boys Xavier Brigden 2019 2115 4.7%
U17 Boys Henry Kross 4605 4828 4.8%
U15 Boys Josh Markham 1874 1908 1.8%
U13 Boys Conner Moriarty 510 567 11.1%
U11 Boys Oscar CLARK 191 211 10.4%
U17 Girls Amelia BRIGDEN 1065 1069 0.3%
U13 Girls Jaida Wigley 212 231 8.9%

Congratulations to all the winners and competitors – don’t forget to activate for SquashLevels to track your progress and access all the benefits you receive as part of your SqA membership.

U19: 🥇 Xavier Brigden 🥈 Alex McFarland Photo by Squash NSW

What is SquashLevels?

SquashLevels is a results-based ranking system, as players compete in their leagues and tournaments, their results automatically flow into SquashLevels from their existing results providers. From here, SquashLevels unique algorithm will calculate a level for each player based on their opponents’ level; their result including points scores, behavioural modelling and various other factors. SquashLevels rewards a player for performing better than they were expected to based on their Level. As squash players we all know there is a massive difference between an easy 3-0 victory and a huge battle that ends 11-9 in the fifth. Activate your SquashLevels account today to access all the benefits you receive as part of your SqA membership.

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